Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Mindfulness - much more than just a trend

What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness has been gaining more and more attention in the last few of years. You could almost think it has become “trendy” ... so much so that it has gained popularity. But before you roll your eyes the next time you hear the word "mindfulness" pause for a moment. At the root of it, it is a way of life and it carries a spiritual message.

Those who are mindful are awake, attentive, present with all their senses, in the here and now. Fear, anger, or lack have little place. It is a way of training concentration or focus, just like in meditation, because nothing else exists like this moment.

Do we still have time for mindfulness?

Our life has developed in such a way that we don't have “time” for such things, we have become multitaskers who want to do everything faster, better and bigger.

In my work, I often observe the high expectations people have of themselves. They were taught that they only "deserve" when they achieve something. The only problem is that we are moving further and further away from ourselves in this way. Away from our natural rhythm. We have forgotten that we are multidimensional beings that unite body, mind and soul. Mindfulness is a way to get back to ourselves. That attitude of gratitude, just being for a moment with no expectation. 

Because that's how you are authentic!

A little exercise for you: Mindful walking

Go for a walk, alone, without your cell phone or headphones. Look at your feet as they take one step at a time and move you forward on their own. Feel the ground beneath the soles of your feet (it's best to do it barefoot).

Feel the air on your cheeks, how does it smell and where you are?
What is the temperature? Do you feel a light breeze on your face?
What can you hear?

The chirping of birds, rustling of leaves, etc.
Try to unite your breathing in sync with your steps and find a common rhythm.