Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Psychoneuro-immunology - Vitamin C for the soul

For eight months we have been “living” with COVID measures, restrictions, conspiracy theories, the mask requirement and a steadily growing uncertainty “how things will go on”.

Many people have developed anxiety and depression, others fear for their existence. To some extent we are all affected.

For this very reason, I would like to share a few ideas about psychoneuroimmunology here. Whether COVID-19, the common flu (which is now making its rounds again), or the effects of the measures that we cannot fully assess yet. In all three cases it is important to know what you can do for your own immune system. We all know that healthy eating and regular exercise outside works wonders, but it hasn't become standard to talk about psyche in relation to immunity ... until now!

The psyche - the origin of the health of body, mind and soul

Psychoneuroimmunology is made up of three areas:

Psychology - Neurology - Immunology.

It is the science of the psyche and how the psyche relates to the nervous- and the immune system, it is a branch of endocrinology (hormonal system).

This area is still quite “young” and research has only been carried out for 15-20 years, but the results are more than interesting. We are getting closer and closer to seeing and understanding the connection between mind and body. At the beginning, scientists were interested in how stress affects our immunity and hormonal balance, and they found that emotions cause a biochemical change or, better said, trigger reactions in the body.

Because of these results, we have long known that chronic stress and depressive moods weaken the immune system. Meaning, an optimistic attitude, calm and positive thoughts can strengthen the immune system. Therefore, it is important, especially in these times, to keep calm, not to fall into fear or panic, to see the POSITIVE in spite of any difficult life situation you may be in at the time and to gratefully accept it as a learning experience.

A strong immune system not only includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, but also a calm and positive mental state and attitude.

In fact, that's where it all starts. The psyche is the origin of the health of body, mind and soul.

Documentation SWR Planet Wissen // January 2020

Documentation SWR Planet Wissen // January 2020

Psychoneuroimmunology - How feelings affect the immune system.