Thursday, February 25, 2021

My YOGA Way of life

Two weeks ago, I started the 200h online yoga teacher training with Yoga east + west. I’ve been ecstatic from the beginning and feel that I have “arrived” at something that I have been looking for, for a long time. It is difficult to put into words, but what I mean is that I have found my anchor, what brings me to life, a healing method that resonates with me the most and that suits me on all levels.

Therefore, with this blog I would like to make the topic of yoga a little more accessible, especially what it means for me personally and my work. At the end I would like to emphasize a few insights from the last two weeks.

How did I get into yoga?

I was 19 years old in my first semester at university. A trip to a yoga studio in Deerfield Beach, FL was planned by the university's sports center. I actually didn't know anything about yoga except that it is also a kind of exercise where you move on a mat, similar to Pilates, and with Pilates I was familiar. The studio was beautiful, a large Ganesha statue greeted us at the entrance. The entrance of the studio and also the yoga rooms were like caves, that immediately gave a feeling of comfort and security. We were led through a 90-minute Hot Yoga Vinyasa from the studio owner, and after I felt reborn and wanted more! Since then, yoga has been a life companion. Over the years, I have not practiced super regularly butut yoga has always accepted me with open arms, without judgment, just meeting me where I was in life. That makes little sense for those who have never done yoga, but what I mean is that yoga is a type of physical exercise that doesn't judge you, such as weight training or running where you can feel that you haven't done anything for a long time, and by being punished with sore muscles and the negative mental chatter. Yoga is a patient, gentle teacher who can also be very demanding and encouraging.

Why do I want to become a yoga teacher?

I have been doing yoga very regularly for about five years and I can no longer imagine my life without it. A lot has changed as a result, you can almost say unintentionally. Not everything was due to yoga, but I am convinced that yoga was the origin of it all. My body, the way I feel about my body, my emotions and how I deal with them, my mood, my joie de vivre, dealing with my thoughts, dealing with myself, my mind and body. I think I could list 100 more things, but I hope you notice that yoga is something where other areas of your life are passively touched that you just didn't expect before. As long as you respect your regular practice and take time for yourself and your yoga practices, the magic of yoga can be felt rather quickly. I want to become a yoga teacher because it is a holistic healing method in which I have found myself. Yoga has helped me to heal, now I will learn how to teach YOU how to heal yourself with yoga.

Important findings

Yoga means "union" or "oneness", it connects body, mind and soul and is accessible to everyone in this world. No matter what country, no matter what religion or cultural background - yoga can be wonderfully integrated and can thus immensely promote your own personal development. Yoga is much more than exercises (asanas) on the mat, yoga is an art of living, and includes meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises and the wisdom of the old masters, the teaching of yoga and the spiritual / mental aspects as well as individual behavior, all of that is yoga. It sounds like a lot, but it's not complicated ... if you live in harmony with nature, in the rhythm of life, you are a yogi and you definitely don't have to be able to stand on your head. 


Yoga lets you be yourself. It is a way to be authentic and real, free from masks, programming and social ideals. I notice how I peel one layer after the other from myself in order to get closer to the core. Personally, it supports me in my spirituality, the reflection with the question Who am I? And what is the meaning of life? The beauty of yoga is, you can explore it as superficially or as deeply as you like, and that's okay. Only if you decide to go deeper, watch out ... you may find true happiness!

You are the most important thing in your life, and no, it is not selfish, it is necessary. During an emergency on an airplane, put on your oxygen mask first before helping anyone else. If you don't, you will suffocate!

Here is the link from my online program that I can heartily recommend. These teachers are brilliant, good-hearted people, and I am honored to learn from them: YOGA East+West

Namaste my friends!