Advantages of mental coaching & psychological consultation outside of traditional psychotherapy:

  • Short waiting times & quick scheduling (psychological psychotherapist may have a waiting period of 3-6 months).

  • No formalities (doctor referral is not necessary to start).
  • No documentation of a mental health diagnosis (some health insurances document these and keep them on file for several years) - When billing insurances, your data will be saved, this may have negative effects when looking for a job, choosing additional insurances or with other formalities. 

  • No interruption of the consultation (sometimes a waiting period of several weeks until the costs are approved by the health insurance companies).

  • There are no conditions to your case. Health insurances only cover the costs in the case of "disorders with an illness value". You can start your health journey with me at any time.

  • Methods can be freely chosen and tailored to the client. You are the boss. Alternative therapists can be explored if you like, if not they will not be part of your coaching process.

  • As a mental health counselor, I adhear to confidentiality and the non-disclosure agreement. According to Section 203, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, I am obliged to remain silent about all content that is entrusted to me in the context of my professional activity. The obligation of confidentiality is only waived with a written release.


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