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Healthy breakfast porridge with pomegranate

Especially in the cold months, we feel like having a warming breakfast with lots of valuable vitamins that strengthen our immune system.


You are the gardener of your mind

Our mind is like a garden and we are gardeners of our mind. We are responsible for “which thoughts” we cultivate.


Why resilience is so important now

We all need to be as resilient as possible in order to survive everyday life, stress, corona measures etc. well.



Many people are disturbed by worries and negative thoughts on a daily basis. Meditation can help control these thoughts, shift your perspective, and gain mental clarity.


The self-healing nerve

There is more and more evidence that stimulating this nerve stimulates self-healing powers. Read more.


My YOGA Way of life

Yoga means "union" or "oneness", it connects body, mind and soul and is accessible to everyone in this world.


Which archetype are you?

Have you ever wondered why we are innatly afraid of the dark or some people develop an Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)? Why do we flinch when we hear a crack in the forest?


Psychoneuro-immunology - Vitamin C for the soul

Why it is so important to do something for your own immune system, especially during Corona.


Easy pumpkin soup

My favorite among the autumn dishes. Quick and easy and a real flatterer for the cozy days in autumn.


Every journey starts with the first step

My inner journey began at an early age and I knew I was here to help people feel their strength and joy in life.


Mindfulness - much more than just a trend

Everyone is talking about it and it seems like mindfulness is the new trend. But what does mindfulness mean and how can I learn to be more mindful in everyday life?