"My vision is to bring people into their own inner strength and encourage them to take personal responsibility for their health."

In addition to personal coaching in the private practice of Dr König & Kollegen in Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden, I have also been providing online coaching for several years. It all started with tutoring my american students, whom I continued to support after I had moved. This experience showed to be very useful when I was asked to look after international clients in Baden-Baden who wanted to continue to sessions with me even after they stay. Today I am very happy to offer my support to people all over the world via video or phone call.
At first I was skeptical because I thought that personal contact was the most important factor of all since building trust and connection is what makes therapy work. Over time, however, I noticed that the consultation via video has exactly the same positive effects and works extremely well, since there is still a very energetic exchange taking place.

Online Coaching

The therapy of the future

COVID in particular showed us how important psychological support is and that everyone should have access to such services. Witz Online coaching I am trying to make a significant contribution and adapt to today`s Zeitgeist.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Punctual start and end of appointments.
    Avoiding traffic jams and finding a parking space.

  • Flexible scheduling.
    Make an appointment conveniently online or postpone / cancel it  to fit your schedule..

  • The meeting can take place at any location. It is only important to be undisturbed and with good internet connection for about one hour.

  • The location is absolutely irrelevant
    I support clients all over the world, some countries include Australia, Brazil, France, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, and all throughout Germany.

  • Everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of personal consultation and mental coaching from me.
    A referral from a doctor is not required.
  • Advice / coaching does not have to be interrupted.
    Many of my clients like to continue meetings during their vacation or business trips. Thanks to the flexibility in the online area, no ongoing treatments have to be interrupted.

Is my online offer exactly right for you?

Here you can make an appointment for an initial consultation free of charge.


Let's get to know each other!

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